Your competitor Dave down the road is always in the local rag (that’s a newspaper to our American friends).

You want to get into said rag because everyone in the village reads and talks about it… in Dave’s flower shop, while you sit scrolling LinkedIn all day and watching your Dahlias droop.

Then, one day, from out of the blue, you get a direct message on LinkedIn, for once, it’s the real thing, not from some “strategic partnerships manager for bouquet excellence” trying to sell you some new flower arranging online course. It’s the journalist from the local rag asking for your opinion on the state of the village green.

Woohoo, exciting, finally it’s happened, your time to bloom (if you’ll pardon the pun). You have to get this just right, so you start typing the perfect reply, you have MS Word open, writing, re-writing, editing and deleting. Two hours later you’re done. It’s perfect.

You send it back. Next day, who’s featured in the local rag? Dave, that’s who.

Because Dave did not delay.

When a journalist asks you for a quote, speed comes first, eloquence comes second. Do not delay. Put together a quote and zip it out, the journalist will edit and correct the typos for you. It’s their job after all.

Better yet, pay for Newspage Premium and our professional journalists will make your prose sing quickety quick and the journalist will love you because they have less work to do.