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The Newspage® PR Desk is a white label solution for PR agencies that enables them to effortlessly roll out a proven subscription model, access new revenue streams from untapped markets, onboard target clients instantly and at scale — and ignite relationships via hyper-relevant media opportunities. We help PR agencies:

— Rapidly launch a fully branded PR subscription service alongside their existing retained model
— Onboard hundreds or thousands of potential clients instantly and target them compliantly
— Replace time-consuming pitches with hyper-relevant media opportunities
— Become storytellers themselves as traditional news desks contract
— Sell (yes, sell) collaborative stories to relevant media

The PR Desk technology been proven via Newspage®, the first platform to open PR up to small and micro businesses through a mixture of free and low cost monthly subscriptions, with thousands of hyper-engaged users.

With PR Desk, PR agencies can offer a retained fee structure alongside a lower cost subscription service that will appeal to smaller businesses that cannot afford traditional agency rates or are wary of retainers. As media coverage is generated, and trust earned, users can remain subscribers or be upsold and potentially switched onto retainers, becoming clients.

PR Desk also enables agencies to transition from press release sellers to storytellers, extrapolating intel and stories from their subscribers at scale. Reflecting this, Newspage® has evolved from a PR platform into a news agency, regularly credited by major publishers for the stories and commentary it provides and selling its content to publishers such as FTAdviser, part of the Financial Times Group.

PR Desk is wholly bespoke and can be priced on a case by basis dependent on the market and demographic the agency is targeting, whether vertical, horizontal or trade — or a mixture of the three.


Proven business model

PR Desk works and is a proven bolt-on to an existing retainer model. The success of Newspage®, the world’s first PR Desk, has shown its potential, with thousands of hyper-engaged users in all sectors, from financial services, property and law to fashion, food and retail. Its subscription model provides a long-tail hedge at a time when traditional PR retainers are increasingly being questioned. As well as generating a steady flow of revenues, the goodwill generated by low-cost or result-based PR opens up countless upselling opportunities.

Bespoke fee structure

During the build, agencies can set their own fee structure, ranging from a free subscription with a pay on results model to a Freemium, Premium or Platinum subscription as used by Newspage®. Subscription and fee models can be changed and adapted as the nature of the PR Desk evolves. Stripe integration is included in the set-up fee enabling users to effortlessly manage their subscriptions. Discount codes can be effortlessly created via Stripe to attract new subscribers.

Onboarding at scale

PR Desk enables agencies to onboard large databases of target businesses at scale, whether by industry sector or geography. Our partnership with one of the UK’s leading data providers enables them to target businesses knowing they are compliant with GDPR. Media opportunities can be sent to users via PR Desk’s proprietary News Alerts to ignite interest as open rates on emails offering free or low cost media coverage are consistently high. News Alerts can be issued throughout the day.


Agencies can communicate with all their subscribers, or specific sub-sectors of their subscriber bases, depending on the media opportunities that arise or the stories they are putting together. All News Alerts are sent via Mailchimp/Mandrill or other third-party email platforms and views appear in real-time on bespoke URLs.

Sell stories

As your PR Desk and user engagement grows, agencies can start selling stories rather than pitching press releases.

and user volumes increase, agencies can even sell sponsorship of the News Alerts through which they communicate with their users. With just over 2000 mortgage brokers on its database, Newspage® has successfully sold sponsorship to multiple lenders and vendors targeting that audience.

. Paying subscribers, media credits and backlinks = best of both worlds.

Upselling opportunities

Through PR Desk, agencies can charge their subscribers one-off fees for editing and finessing the stories they add, as well as charge them for media brainstorms via NewsChat, a Calendly-based diary tool where users can discuss story ideas and campaigns to drive publicity. Subscribers also have the ability to tip for media coverage as it is added to their profile pages.

Set-up costs and monthly licence fee (including editorial and tech support) agreed on a case by case basis.