On Friday morning (11 June), the Office for National Statistics published the April GDP data – the latest snapshot of the UK economy. It showed the economy grew by 2.3%.

We issued comments on the economy to the national news media from a wide range of small business owners around the country. Not one was used, as these types of stories are often seen as above the pay grade of the ‘everyday’ business.

Instead, the national newspapers – as they too often do – quoted macro-economists, politicians and think tanks. People in the ivory towers of the City of London and Westminster bubble. Not the small business owners on the front line. People who are the economy.

People like Andrew Deighton of Derby-based AWD Development Solutions:

“The light at the end of the tunnel started to get a bit brighter for me in April and May. April saw things start to pick up and in May I invoiced more than for the final eight months of 2020 added together.”

People like Gillian Jones-Williams of Fareham-based Emerge Development Consultancy:

“For us, in April and May, it felt as if the world was waking up. We are a training company and have gone from losing huge amounts of money last year to feeling extremely positive about our future.”

People like Andrew Elcock of Nottingham-based Xynomix:

“April and May saw our bookings return to pre-Covid levels, as business confidence continues to increase. “During the same period last year, we saw our bookings plummet by 60%, so April 2021 has certainly shown reassuring signs of life in the wider economy.”

People like Larry Morgan of Bromsgrove-based Trojan Consultants:

“As an SME providing software to the public sector, the seismic impact of Covid-19 on Local Authority finances is becoming ever more apparent. Huge budget cuts announced by councils up and down the country are having a massive impact on our business, and doubtless many other suppliers to the public sector.”

Quality insights all, but not a column inch given.

The entire purpose of Newspage is to change this. To give a voice to the people who are the economy rather than those who simply talk about it. To ensure your views are heard.

Because currently, all too often in the national media, your views don’t count.