When free PR platform, Newspage, met Not On Amazon, the home of decentralised e-commerce, it was love at first sight.

It had to be, as neither of the two middle-aged farts running them could work out the audio settings on Zoom. Sight was all they had. And even that was fading.

After a minute or so of awkward silence, one of them struck the right button on the video gubbins and a revolution began.

Admittedly, it wasn’t quite the revolution Lenin had in mind when he stood atop the armoured train car at the Finland Station, but then times change.

And Lenin’s a blancmange now anyway, so f**k him.

Since that day, countless Not On Amazon members have appeared in the papers, online and on radio and stuff, including Not On Amazon founder Jamie Rackham himself.

In fact, one of the best pieces of media coverage Newspage founder, Dominic Hiatt, has ever secured during his 20 odd years as a spin doctor, was this article in the Financial Times on the impact of Black Friday on the human soul (screen grab attached as you’ll need to remortgage to subscribe to the FT).

Jamie in FT

Since then, Hiatt and Rackham have met dozens of times to discuss their plans to democratise the media and decentralise e-commerce. Well twice, actually, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Internet ‘phenomenon’, Not On Amazon, has been a lifeline for tens of thousands of small independent artists and makers since it launched in late 2020, helping them to sell their products for sweet FA on Facebook.

Newspage helps members of the group get free publicity for their creations and businesses, as what they do is amazing and, well, it feels right. We monitor the group for stories and, if we see one, do our best to get it into the media.

Crap in a wrap

Before Crimbo, for example, Not On Amazon member, Gaynor Lockwood Edwards of Quirky Cactus, attempted to make pigs in blankets Christmas tree decorations. She’d clearly had a bottle of vodka before she made one batch and they ended up looking more like ‘crap in a wrap’.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, which nobody says these days because it’s probably politically incorrect, Hiatt had landed Gaynor’s crochet cock-up in Sheffield’s local newspaper, The Star.

Her ‘work of shart’, as he hilariously (in his head) describes it, was also mentioned on some national radio station or other by some big shot presenter with a broomstick up his @rse.

Anyway, since Jamie met Dom, there have been ABSOLUTELY LOADS of ‘hits’ (PR jargon for media coverage) for the wonderful Not On Amazon community of independent makers and artists.

Boo hiss, Etsy

You don’t get that kind of free PR support on Etsy now, do you? Just ridiculously high commissions and a platform with zero engagement and sense of community. Anyway, here’s 20 Not On Amazon members Newspage has secured coverage for since that initial awkward Zoom call.

Read the articles at your leisure or, more likely, scroll straight to the bottom and get this f*****g blog post over and done with. I mean, who even writes blog posts these days? They’re positively Dickensian.

Ps. If you want media coverage like this, create a Newspage and we’ll do our best to sort it.

Pps. Those links were a massive ballache.

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