Our bumbling, Latin-spouting PM was absolutely destroyed at PMQs today. And damn right, too. Despite starting with an apology, the inevitable drubbing came from all corners of the house. Heu! (that’s Latin for ‘Alas!’ if you didn’t go to Eton and Oxford), the dishevelled one didn’t even quote an ancient poet. It was that bad.

We asked the Newspage community for their views on today’s PMQs and whether BoJo needs to go. Within about 10 minutes we’d received 20 responses so we had to shut the alert early. The verdict was unanimous: get the hell out of Downing Street. Exit. Leave.

The views have all been sent to the mainstream media, most of whom will probably ignore them as people like you aren’t in the Westminster bubble and shouldn’t have your political views aired. You’re not worthy. Head off to the comments sections and have your say there, along with the rest of the rabble.

So bollocks to that, we’ve collated some of the best lines from the Newspage community for you to read below. Much more colour than the sanitised gibberish from professional commentators you’ll read in the media — political hacks, politicians, heads of industry (yawn) and other serial bullshitters.

Hell, we’ve even got poets here at Newspage, with Tom Bowers of Hypothesis Media pronouncing:

“Don’t blame the Merlot, BoJo, just go.”

And not just poets but post-modernists, too, like Graham Cox of the Self-Employed Mortgage Hub:

“We seem to be living in a post-truth world where honesty and accountability count for nothing.”

And real people who are genuinely nursing their wounds. Newspager Jeffrey Longley of Able Electrical drove home the gravity of the PM’s act with this heartfelt anecdote:

“I stuck to the rules last year and didn’t attend my younger brother’s funeral. Instead, I watched it on Zoom. I cannot put into print what I think of Boris.”

Laura Firth of MiniAperture Photography delivered much the same verdict:

“Even our Queen sat alone for her husband’s funeral in order to abide by government guidelines. Boris must go.”

Meanwhile, Wendy Harris of Making Conversations Count observed, quite rightly, that:

“If the Government was a company, Boris would have been out on his ear a long time ago.”

But while Sandra Wilson of Cottrell Moore agrees Boris needs to go, she asks who’s the alternative?

“There is sadly not a single decent politician that has worked in the real world with the experience to lead.”

Can’t argue with that. The vast majority of our politicians wouldn’t know their arses from their elbows if they were in the real world.

To wrap up, you can always rely on Newspager Kate Allen of Salcombe Finest to hit the nail on the head, and she duly delivered:

“The magnitude of the PM’s arrogance is as staggering as his inability to read the public mood.”

Boris: message from the people: get on your horse and get the hell out.

You can see all 20 responses from the Newspage community >> here <<.