Newspage is all about helping small business and charity owners, sole traders, the self-employed and anyone else who can’t afford a flash PR agency have a voice – or their story told – in the big media. We say ‘Yah boo sucks’ to big business — because they’ve owned the media for too long.

To this end, we’ve launched a new service whereby our users can book in a 20-minute Zoom call with an experienced news journalist for just £39.99 inc VAT. Or £29.99 inc VAT if you’re a Premium user.

During the call, we’ll discuss any story ideas you have or, if you haven’t got any, identify stories that will be of interest to the media. Because that’s what news journalists are the best people in the world at doing: identifying stories.

Basically, you’re getting PR advice that a London PR agency would charge over a grand for, for thirty or forty quid.

To book in your Zoom call, just go to the Stories section on your Newspage and select ‘Add news story’. You’ll then be offered the option to choose a time and a date that works for you. That’s it. So what are you waiting for?!

Book a Zoom call in with this miserable old git, Newspage’s founder and award-winning journalist Dominic Hiatt. You’ll get a story out of it!