The one major thing companies big and small struggle with is producing good stories.

The problem is that so many of the ideas come from marketing people. You can’t blame them, their job is to sell you products, it’s how they came up in the business. And just like to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail; to a marketer with a thought, everything looks like a product.

But none of us like to have products pushed on us. If you really want to stand out, have people remember you and – to use some marketing parlance – be “top of mind” to your audience, then you need to tell them a story. A good one.

But it’s not easy, as the proliferation of worthless and banal content we scroll through on our feeds every day confirms. 

But I can sort this problem out for you in 20 minutes

If you’re lost for ideas or think you have a story idea, you can book a 20-minute chat with an experienced journalist who will do two things:

  1. 1. Tell you if your story is a dud or a goer and help you to make it into something your website visitors will want to read and the media publish.
  1. 2. Come up with (in my experience) at least 3 great story ideas that the media and your readers will gobble up.

I’ve sat in on several of these conversations and they’re a real crash course in what the media looks for in a story. At the end of it, you’ll have several ideas that people will actually want to see and you’ll feel smarter after it to boot because you’ll be armed with the knowledge to create more story ideas yourself.

So what have we done with these 20-minute chats? Well, we’ve turned them into a blimin’ product haven’t we. Yes, yes, I hang my head in shame, but a man’s got to make a living. I have a mortgage to pay and the kids need new shoes, it’s cold outside.

Book now 

So book yourself a News Chat now and be amazed. Who knows, you might even get to talk to Dominic Hiatt (explicit lyrics) or Jonny Stevens (less so).

A News Chat is cheap as chips at £89.99 and even cheaper at £69.99 for Premium Newspagers.

Newspagers, you can book a News Chat on your profile. The rest of you, sign up to Newspage or book a call on this link.