If you publish a blog, you’re doing it wrong. 

I see this with new Newspagers. They sign up, I have a look at their website, see they have a blog, then I groan in despair.

I mean proper groan. I look to the ceiling, spread my hands out and shout “Oh give me strength!”

Blogs are great for converting clients. If someone is reading your blog, they’re primed to buy. Right then they’re choosing your article over cat memes or Netflix. Influential stuff, your blog is crushing it. 

So yes, do take the time to write and publish blogs regularly, even if you only get seven readers a month. 

Why do I groan in despair at the sight of a blog? 

Lost opportunities, that’s the problem. I just looked at a new Newspager’s blog, with an article explaining six steps every homeowner should take when their mortgage comes up for renewal.

It was brilliant. Sure, it was all about them and how they are super duper brilliant, but that’s precisely what your website is supposed to say. However, with a little bit of editing, your blog article can be turned into a brilliant educational piece that a big media outlet would love to publish.

When you get your article into a major publication it will drive traffic to your website because compared to your blog the national media is an aircraft carrier and your blog is a butter knife. And when the media feature you, that’s automatic credibility, it elevates you to an expert in your field. You know, the area that you make a living from. More traffic to your website means new customers and increased credibility means more closed deals. 

It doesn’t end there

Blogs are the gift that keeps on giving. 

News sites have stratospheric domain authority. Google loves them like like a darts player loves hitting a triple twenty, meaning your article will make your firm pop up in organic search not just when it is published, but from now until Google goes bankrupt.

And there’s more

(I told you it was the gift that keeps on giving)

You should then post the article all over social media. Now, it’s not you telling people “read our blog”, it’s you showing that the media recognises you as an expert. Showing is more powerful than telling. 

Then here’s what you do: You go back to your original blog post and add “this article was featured in The Times” and add a link. 

Everyone talks about backlinks, but few know that outbound links to high domain authority sites also boost your SEO and domain authority.

One single blog post read by a handful of people has now: 

  • – Been seen by thousands of people
  • – Made you a national leading expert in your area 
  • – Directs more customers to your website
  • – Boosts your website’s domain authority for years to come

So, if you have a blog, upload it to your Newspage, we’ll take a look at it and if it’s got legs, we’ll turn it into a media sexy article and you’ll get all of the above. If you’re not already on Newspage, then you can sign up by clicking here. 

Jay Vaananen, CEO, Newspage